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Student-Body Election of 1st Semester, 2018 Year 2018 KISQ student body election was finalized on May, 16. Many high-school teachers participated throughout the electoral process and enabled the event to be run smoothly. Since the student council election is an event to select representatives who will lead the new semester, every students have to participate in voting for the school president. Three candidates expressed their wills to become the school president. According to the result, Lim Sung-joon became the president of the student council. He appealed himself by dancing to the music, and his speech seemed to captivate most students. Furthermore, Shim Ji-woo became 11th grade vice chairman after winning the second most votes. Regardless of the results, the election was very meaningful to all of them. Other than the president and vice president, grade representatives were also elected on this day. Choi Min-gyung turned out to be the grade representative of grade 11. Even though there were no rivals, she participated in the election with a passionate attitude and pledges. Besides grade 11, there were three 10th grade students running for the vice chairman of 10th grade. Despite of the fact that the number of girls is considerably smaller than boys in that grade, Lee Seo-hyun became a member of the student council by obtaining the majority of votes. In fact, two other candidates beside her won the same number of vote. Hence, Seo Chan-woo became the grade representative after one more ballot. 9th grade students are just beginning to participate in high school events, so even though they weren't fully adjusted yet, two students made up their pledges and decided to run in the election. They were Kim Seo-hee and Chae Sang-yoon. According to the results, Chae Sang-yoon became the vice president of 9th grade. He made his speech diligently in bright voice and made many students fall into it. Unfortunately, Kim Seo-hee became the grade representative of 9th grade as she won the second most votes. After the teacher declared the new student body members, students congratulated them by applauding and cheering. New members of the student body showed their thankfulness toward their supporters and promised to work hard for students. After the election, I talked with Kim Seo-hee, who was elected as grade representative of 9th grade, and asked how she felt throughout the entire electoral process. "Honestly, I was keep worrying during the election because Chae Sang-yoon made his speech interestingly in a passionate manner. You know, he has a strange and unique charm which is a little different from ordinary students. Although I haven't become a vice president of 9th grade, I feel thankful to every students who voted for me and I'll do my best to implement my pledges" she said. Since participating in a student council helps people to develop leadership, many students attempted to be the member of it. Even though there were some students who have dropped out, I hope them to keep challenge themselves without being disappointed because there are many opportunities left. 9-1 노유정
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