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KISQ Press


Esteemed Teacher’s Day

             On May 15 2018, all students in KISQ showed their respectful mind toward their instructors. The High School Student Council members designed a plan to celebrate the Teacher’s Day, which was making greetings posters for every single educator in their department. On these posters, there were a lot of short letters to their esteemed teachers, meaning that it provided a touching feeling to them.


In the early morning, members of the High School Student Council prepared for fundamental settings to congratulate their instructors through setting a red carpet, designing hallway, and so on. Besides, they presented a bunch of carnations, a flower that indicates admiration, to all teachers in front of the school gates so that arrived teachers can receive a carnation immediately when they reached the school. It was not finished until the school ended. Many students gave beverages and hand-written letters to their esteemed teachers and some even gave precious gifts to them.

In order to celebrate the Teacher’s Day, the school just took morning sessions and then both teachers and students could go back home earlier than usual. This was successfully ended as a number of educators showed gaiety when students expressed their thankfulness toward them. It was a nice day that allowed students to think about their gratitude for their teachers.


11-1 Cha Jeong Eun Reporter




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